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 Hosiery Manufacturers Listed Below with CCR

Americal Corporation   Casual Knit Limited
919-736-7386 336-222-0199
Women's sheer hosiery Men's, women's and children's socks
Classic Hosiery Inc Elder Hosiery Mills, Inc
336-228-6597 336-226-2229    800-745-0267
Men's and women's socks Men's and women's socks
Jefferies Socks  Kayser-Roth Corp
336-226-7315    800-656-7566 1-800-575-3497
Men's, women's and children's socks  Men's, women's and children's socks and Hosiery
Leggs Products Singer Hosiery Mills Inc
336-519-3241 336-475-2161
Women's sheer hosiery Men's and women's socks
Simmons Hosiery Mill Inc.    Special T Hosiery Mills, Inc
828-327-4890     Email:  Simmons Hosiery 336-227-2858
Men's, women's and children's socks Men's and women's sock
Thorlo, Inc.
Email: 704-872-6522    800-438-0286
Men's and women's athletic socks

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