Welcome to Tozzees Sandal Hose Online....

Let me introduce you to a truly unique new design in the hosiery fashion line.  Tozzees pantyhose could be called a universal style of nylon due to the fact that you can now wear any style of shoes, including thong style sandals and toe strap shoes, and  need only one style of pantyhose.....TOZZEES.   There is no more "stuffing your nylon between your toes" hassle with Tozzees.  With Tozzees form fit over the big toe, you can just slide into thong style shoes, and actually walk comfortably without the fear of losing your shoes.

  Here are some quotes from women who had try Tozzees say..... 

bullet What a great idea...I't's about time someone thought of this style
bullet The nylon itself is so durable....I haven't run a pair yet
bullet They actually give my foot more support with this design
bullet Since I've tried your nylons, I'm going to be a Tozzee user forever


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