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Sheers and Tights Sizing Background:

The Hosiery Association (THA) is pleased to announce the availability of women's sheers and tights sizing forms. These newly developed forms, which accurately measure fit, are the result of THA's Sheer Sizing Committee four-year project. This group, which consisted of major sheer manufacturers, retailers, testing labs, [TC]² and the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC), had the goal of determining a common sheer sizing methodology that is both accurate and efficient.

Sheer and tights sizingThe new sizing method utilizes forms that were created from [TC]² Size USA data. Based in Cary, NC, [TC]² is a major R&D and training center for the entire apparel industry. In 2001 they conducted a comprehensive sizing survey of the U.S. population, scanning nearly 11,000 individuals in 12 locations across the U.S. The first such survey in over 40 years, Size USA provides current measurements on the sizes and shapes of today's adult consumer. Using the vast database of scanned subjects, [TC]² can provide statistically accurate shape and sizing data analysis for manufacturers, brands, and retailers to improve fit.