Sock Testing Hosiery Consortium

General Setup Information

  • The machine has three starting position for both cross-stretch and length stretch to accommodate different sock sizes.
  • The positions are changed using the reposition release pin (Figure 8a).
  • The three positions are: 2 inches cross and length stretch (Figure 8b, 8c), 3 inches cross and length stretch (Figure 8d, 8e), and 4 inches cross and length stretch (Figure 8f, 8g).
  • It may be necessary to zero the scale to match the arm setting (Figure 4a).

Figure 8a

Figure 8b
2Inch Setting Arms

Figure 8c
2Inch Setting Pins

Figure 8d
3Inch Setting Arms

Figure 8e
3Inch Setting Pins

Figure 8f
4Inch Setting Arms.jpg

Figure 8g
4Inch Setting Pin

Figure 4a
3Inch Scale

  • Each sock can be measured only once. All measurements on different sock profiles should always be taken at the same place.
  • Begin with length stretch and then measure cross stretch on each sock.
  • Have the sock fabric for each measurement as straight as possible.


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