Abrasion Committee Minutes

Abrasion Committee

Hosiery Technology Center, Hickory, NC  June 21, 2000

A list of attendees is available. Chairman Jan Pegram opened the meeting and reviewed the mission of the committee.

Art Caldwell then covered the timeline of the committee since its inception in March of 1998. Much work has been done and it clearly shows that standard abrasion test methods used for general textiles when applied to socks are not valid. Modifications of these methods have produced much better results. These modifications were made on a “gut feel” as to how to reduce variation in abrasion results. A formalized Design of Experiments (DOE) has been created to determine the factors that affect abrasion on socks and the level each factor contributes to the final results. This DOE is being performed at NC State on the Martindale and at the Hosiery Technology Center on the Stoll Quartermaster. The DOE factors are as follows:

Constant Factors

  1. Using a “straight line” abrasion pattern.
  2. Using Trizact as the abradant.
  3. Mounting of abrasive material on the abrasion machine.
  4. Abrading the bottom of the foot on the sock.
  5. Choice of endpoint of the sock is when a hole appears and all yarns are cut.
  6. Changing the abrasive material for each variable change.

Variable Factors

  1. Mounting Tensions using a 7” plexiglass circle or the NAHM foot form.
  2. Vary the weight applied to the sample. (9 and 12 kp for Martindale and 2 and 3 lb for Stoll)
  3. Cleaning the lint off the sample (50, 100 cycles for Martindale and 100, 200 cycles for Stoll).

This gives a total of 8 sets of conditions on two machines with 15 samples run on each condition and machine. This is a total of 240 socks tested.

The schedule is to have this work done and analyzed by the next meeting on August 15th at the Hosiery Technology Center.


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